Understanding Righteousness: A Deeper Look into Our Faith

by Tim Ahlman
Words matter, especially when it comes to understanding our faith. Righteousness is a term that can be difficult to grasp, but it refers to having a right standing before God through faith in Christ.

As children, we may have had a carefree nature and a sense of righteousness. We knew we were loved by our parents and by God, and nothing could change our status as sons and daughters. However, as we grow older and face sin and suffering, Satan may try to convince us that we are not loved or known by God because of our mistakes.

In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve were carefree and innocent until they disobeyed God and sinned. Their unrighteous behavior led to shame and a loss of their sense of righteousness. Adam tried to make up for his mistake by bringing Eve a bouquet of fig leaves, but this could not cover up their unrighteousness.

Thankfully, God always comes through for us. He shed the blood of an animal to make clothing for Adam and Eve, showing His continued love for them and the need for bloodshed to remove their shame. This foreshadowed the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus Christ, whose blood on the cross blotted out all of our unrighteousness. Through faith in Him, we are declared righteous.

Righteousness is not a change in character, but a change in status that can only come from God. We cannot behave our way into a right relationship with Him, but He declares us righteous through faith given in our baptism. Let us believe in this righteousness like a little child.