Life isn't meant to be lived alone.
"I love being in a Small Group because we are real people with real struggles.
We carry each other’s burdens , but we also celebrate life together."
- Ryan Barlow
"We love that our small group families are growing together in Christ.  
We are more than just a small group,  we are a huge family!"
- Tania Hilton
"It gives us time to really connect and recharge so we can continue  with our week
 more focused on Jesus and in constant prayer for each other!
- Jen Parks
"As we gather weekly we spend time growing and learning who God is in our lives
and how we as the church are called to support and love each other through everything."
- Jessica Vieane

Build Relationships

Small Groups are three or more people who meet regularly for spiritual growth and authentic, life-giving relationships.

Discover Your Calling In Christ

Find a group that will challenge you on your next steps in following Jesus. Be surrounded by others who will encourage you in faith.

Meet People Where They Are

Take the next steps and start or join a small group. Build friendships, share experiences, pray together, grow together.



Small Groups are a place where people can share their lives with others and explore their faith together. In a group, you'll be encouraged and challenged as you learn to apply your faith to everyday life. You'll also have fun as you explore new things together!

Small Group Resources

Small Group leaders  have access to Take Away, exclusive content for a deeper dive into each week's sermon. 

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