Life Is Not Meant to Be Lived Alone.

The heart of Christ Greenfield is Small Groups.
We want to see every person in a healthy Small Group.  Our Small Groups are 3 or more people who meet together regularly to engage in the Simple Discipleship Process alongside Worship and Service.  Starting a Group is easy! In fact, it’s as simple as:
1) grab at least two friends,
2) decide when and where you’ll meet, and
3) register and get assistance from a community leader.
If you are not ready to start a new group, you can join an ongoing Men’s, Women’s, Family's, Couple’s,  Single’s, or Workplace group that is likely just right for you!

Looking to join a  Small Group?

Exclusive Content: "Take Away" available for Small Group Leaders!

PREVIEW  available until Summer of 2021!

Small Group leaders  have the opportunity for exclusive content to take a deeper dive into that week's sermon.  This content will be available to everyone this year but will be moving to a different platform later in 2021.  Check it out and join or start a small group to ensure you can continue to "Take Away" these conversations every week!

Watch the New Episode of Take Away to see what you're missing!

Download the Take Away Questions below!