Rooted Sermon Series

Explore the Holy Family and how Jesus Reshapes all Life

This Advent season, we embark on a journey to explore the Holy Family, not as idealized figures, but as real people with quirks, doubts, and imperfections. Through their stories, we'll discover that "holy" doesn't always mean perfect.

Weekly Topics

Join us as we examine the extraordinary lives of these individuals, whose struggles and triumphs mirror the experiences of families everywhere. Let their stories inspire us to embrace our own imperfections and recognize that we too belong to Jesus.
Sunday, November 26
ZECHARIAH: The Doubters Belong to Jesus
Sunday, December 3
ELIZABETH: The Barren Belong to Jesus
Sunday, December 10
MARY: The Fearful Belong to Jesus
Sunday, December 17
JOSEPH: Do the Work that God Has Called You to Do

The ADVENTure is Back!

The excitement of the ADVENTure is back! Get ready for a series of weekly challenges, devotions, and a chance to win an ugly Christmas sweater! Join us in the CG app on Monday, November 27th, as we embark on this journey of spiritual growth and fun.

Pastor Michael shares details as we gear up for the ADVENTure! 

Advent Services and Holiday Happenings