We are the church, online!

Until we can safely meet back on one of our two campuses on Sundays, we look forward to worshiping with you online!  Whether you've worshiped with us for years or this is your first time, we look forward to connecting with you online!  

Join us for worship online!

Sunday Worship Services Online:

6:00am PST - East Coast Contemporary Service
7:30am PST - Traditional Service LIVE
10:45am PST - West Coast Contemporary Service

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Christ Greenfield?

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Discipleship.  Made Simple.


Whether you've worshiped with us at one of our two campuses or are joining us for the first time online, we look forward to providing the best possible worship experience for you.  While we look forward to reconvening on our campuses, we are also blessed by the opportunity to connect you with our worship services every Sunday, online.  We hope to see you there!

Small Groups

The heart of Christ Greenfield is Small Groups.  We want to see every person in a healthy Small Group.  Our Small Groups are 3 or more people who meet together regularly to balance the Simple Discipleship Process alongside Worship and Service.  Whether you’re looking for a Men’s, Women’s, Couples, Singles or Workplace group, there is likely one that is just right for you!  If there isn't a perfect one already, then we encourage you to start your own!


While events and gathering are being cancelled during these trying times; love, kindness, and hope are not.  What an incredible opportunity we have been given to focus on what is really important:  Jesus and our neighbors.  As the hands and feet of God, how do we share His love and hope with others in this time?

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