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Member Care | Part Time | Gilbert Campus

The Church Member Care Coordinator is at the heart of our church's mission to foster an engaged and thriving spiritual community. This multifaceted role encompasses welcoming and integrating new members, facilitating connections within our current congregation, and providing administrative support. With responsibilities ranging from collaboration with Campus Directors to the meticulous management of attendance data, coordination of events, and governance reporting, the position requires a committed individual with a passion for Christ's teachings, a devotion to the Great Commission, strong organizational skills, and a willingness for continual growth. The successful candidate will serve as both a vital administrative hub and a loving touchpoint for members and guests, reflecting our church's values and offering a unique opportunity to make a lasting impact on individuals seeking spiritual connection and growth. If interested, please contact Joy Gerhauser at


  • PE Staffing Opening | Part Time 
    • Tuesdays and Thursdays.

If interested, please get in touch with Tanya Calendo at