Created to Worship: Aligning Our Hearts with God

By Tim Ahlman
Deep within us, a fire burns. We crave something beyond ourselves, something bigger and more fulfilling. We are creatures of desire, and these desires will ultimately lead us to worship either the Creator or the creation.

The fall, our active rebellion against God, fractured our relationship with Him and turned our worship towards created things. But nothing created lasts. Money, power, relationships, achievements – all fade and leave us wanting more. We chase the fleeting dopamine hit, never truly satisfied.

We might think with age comes wisdom, that we'd learn this lesson. Some do, but many don't. Why? Because this lesson needs constant reiteration. We often drown out God's voice, choosing to believe we have enough gods, or even that we are our own.

But there is hope. In His unwavering love, God sent His Son, Jesus Christ. Jesus knew our desires intimately, yet perfectly aligned them with the Father's will. He desired nothing but the Father and His will. Why? For you. For me. For the world. For all the times our worldly desires make us undesirable, He desires us. He died and rose for us, for the disordered desires of the world.

Isn't that remarkable? Jesus said, "God loves the world so much that He sent His one and only Son that whoever would believe in Him would not perish but would have eternal life. For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but so that the world could be saved through Him." (John 3:16-17)

Exploring our idols can evoke shame. We fear God's condemnation, burdened by our past. But praise God, He gazes upon us with love, not condemnation. He cannot condemn His own, for we are His children, His prized possession. Jesus became flesh for us.

 As we talk about the idols in our lives, this journey of growth is rooted in God's abundant grace. No action can earn His love, which is already boundless. Let that sink in. The Triune God, who claimed you in baptism, smiles upon you. Meet His gaze, feel His love, and smile back.
Here are three practical steps to realign your desires towards your Creator:
  1. Daily Repentance and Realignment: Ask the Holy Spirit to purify your desires, turning them solely towards Him. Confess to God and a trusted friend. Embrace the absolution offered by pastors, and freely offer it to others in Christ's name.

  2. Find Your Identity and Belonging in Christ: Immerse yourself in spiritual practices – meditation on God's Word, prayer, and thanksgiving. He hears and responds to your needs. Meet Him in the mornings, inviting Him to be with you throughout the day.

  3. Make Worshiping God Your Priority: Live intentionally for His glory. Sunday worship catalyzes a life of worship. It reminds us of our baptismal identity, our need for confession and absolution, and the power of hearing God's Word, praying, and receiving Jesus' body and blood for forgiveness.

Focus on the Light: Download the "Return of the gods" sermon series companion booklet.

If you've strayed from regular worship, we invite you back with open arms. Your absence is felt. Jesus longs for you to hear His voice alongside other believers, to be encouraged and empowered to live for His glory.

Remember, you are a desiring human being, created by God and loved by Him. He desires you, and by faith, He claims you forever. Worship Him alone.