Through practical programs and helpful resources, we're committed to assisting you in breaking free from debt, crafting a comprehensive financial blueprint, and embracing a lifestyle characterized by heartfelt generosity.

Budgeting Coaching

Begins November 6,  2023
Tired of being frustrated by not knowing where your money goes every month? “Budgeting” gets a bad rap as a straightjacket through which one loses financial freedom and flexibility. On the contrary, a budget is a fluid spending plan based on what’s going on in one’s life and what their financial goals are. Flexibility is the key word for this “crash course” as it is 3 to 4 meetings with a couple of experienced and knowledgeable Christ Greenfield members who have helped many others. Contact us using the form at the bottom of this page to schedule one-on-one assistance. 
Upcoming Finance Class
November 6th | 13th | 20th | 27th
Gilbert Campus, Music Room/Sanctuary

Budgeting Tools

Gaining mastery over your finances may appear overwhelming, but with a handful of straightforward strategies, you can set yourself on the path to financial well-being. 

Our Recommended Finance Reads

Explore our curated collection of Christian finance books that will empower you to manage your finances with wisdom, integrity, and Godly principles.
Financial Peace

Financial Peace

Dave Ramsey
With practical and easy-to-follow methods and personal anecdotes, Financial Peace is the road map to personal control, financial security, a new, vital family dynamic, and lifetime peace.
Live. Save. Spend. Repeat.

Live. Save. Spend. Repeat.

Kim Anderson
There is a better way to reach your goals! In Live. Save. Spend. Repeat. you will discover a simple-to-implement plan that will help you wisely use your money to break the cycle of financial mistakes and worry. 
How to Be Rich

How To Be Rich

Andy Stanley
How to Be Rich lays out clear principles for carrying that load, making sure your wealth remains a blessing not just for you, but for your family and community for generations to come.
Dollars and Sense

Dollars and Sense

Larry Berkett
From America's foremost authority on money matters comes this keepsake book containing Scriptural insights on more than 200 topics from abundance to worry.
Managing God's Money

Managing God's Money

Randy Alcorn
Filled with Scripture references, Managing God's Money is the perfect reference tool for anyone who is interested in gaining a solid biblical understanding of money, possessions, and eternity.

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