East Mesa CAMPUS

Infant - 4th Grade

C G  K I D S   is a safe environment where kids have  F U N
make   F R I E N D S  and grow in their  F A I T H


Are kids grouped by age?

Yes! Kids from Pre-school until 4th Grade participate in what we call CG Kids.  After checking in they can head back to the CG Kids space in the back hallway behind the gym. There will be a leader at the door and in the back to assist with the kids. You can then pick up your students after church in the same space. There will be a kids-appropriate message along with elements of the service to provide kids with an understanding of the Bible.


Do you run background checks on volunteers?

Yes!  Every volunteer in the children’s ministry is required to submit to a full criminal background check. These checks are updated once every two years.


What Happens at CG Kids?

Each Sunday, children gather to sing songs, play games, be creative and dive into God's Word together.  We follow a specialized curriculum that allows kids to learn in ways full of faith and fun.


Why is there a check-in process?

Our check-in system is utilized for several reasons: to help you find the correct group based on your child’s age, to provide a means for the teacher to contact you during class in case of emergency, and to provide a unique code for your family that will be required during child pick-up after class.  If you are a first-time guest and would like to pre-register your child in our check-in system, register below!


What about kids between 5th-12th grade?

There are many opportunities and experiences for 5th-12th graders! We love to see them worshipping with the family of believers during any one of our Sunday morning worship experiences.  We also encourage them to serve by helping out in CG Kids and being role models! Finally,  We highly recommend they get connected to our CG Confirmation and CG YTH programs! CG Confirmation (5 - 6 Graders) takes place on Wednesday Nights in the Life Center! CG YTH (7 - 12 Graders) takes place on Sunday Nights, also in the Life Center!

MEET Maddy haase

East Mesa Director of Christian Education | Director of Nursery and CG Kids