Upon This Rock

The church has picked up a lot of baggage over the last 2000 years. The church means different and possibly distorted things to many people around the world. We openly acknowledge the church is filled with beautiful and broken people, all built upon the rock that is faith in Christ. This series will get us back to the basics. We’ll answer questions like, Who is the church? What is the church? Where is the church? Why is the church? How is the church? Join us! It’s going to be a lot of fun, church.

Week One

 What is the Church?
June 5, 2022
Matthew 16:13-20

Week Two

Where is the church?
June 12, 2022
Matthew 18:16-20

Week Three

Why does the church exist?
June 19, 2022
Matthew 28:16-20

Week Four

How is the church?
June 26, 2022
Matthew 14:13-21