Christ Greenfield was founded as a mission plan in 1984 out of Epiphany Lutheran. It was in the era of churches planting churches in the east valley. Christ’Greenfield bought property off Greenfield road and over the past 30 years has been a beacon of God’s light in the east valley of Phoenix. Over the past five years, Christ Greenfield has moved back into the community to create partners in missions to reach the lost and serve others.

One of the main roles we have is to ensure that our partners in mission are connected to our church.  Our desire is that our congregation be shaped by exposure to our partners in mission in ways that will help them understand their world and to see the biblical reasoning of why all Christ-followers need to think like “sent” people.    

For these reasons, we have set out to establish a guiding strategy for Kingdom Expansion work for our church. Through our work as the body of Christ we will help many more people in our church, east valley community, country and world to shine the light of Jesus in places of overt and covert darkness.


We host a group of homeless families on our campus for a week at a time each quarter. We provide a daily dinner and overnight stay experience. Connect with Betty Brennan.
We partner to support teen moms with Bible studies, mentorship and supplies. Connect with Nicolette Boessling.
We serve alongside the indigenous leaders of an orphanage in Honduras in which 70 plus boys and girls are being raised for foster moms. We go on trips most Springs. Contact David Boyd.
We have had over 300 children sponsored in Africa and in Central America.  We have opportunities throughout the year to raise funds/sponsorships and awareness about the global need for resources like clean water, hygiene, school supplies, job training and more, but most importantly, the need for Jesus! Contact Jen Parks.